Future me?

Today seems to be 'one of those days'. Since waking up this morning, I just haven't had the energy to do much. To be honest, I still don't think I'm properly awake...I may just be sleep blogging (which is actually pretty bad ass). I work from home so I can't really use the "I'm sick, I can't come in to work today" excuse.

Instead I have taken advantage of my fragile state and have done some deep thinking. Some serious stuff popped up into my head so I decided to alert "future Claire" on what she may have gotten herself into a year from now and I will apologize for what my actions may have caused :)

I found a site, via a random Google search, called Future me. It seems to be quite popular and they seem to deliver letters on time so I just went with it (confirming my 'bleh, I don't care' mood). This is pretty awesome. One year from today, I will share the letter with you and see if future Claire appreciated my efforts.

Have you ever done something like this "future me" thing? Was is rewarding or did you regret it?


P.S. Reading all the other 'public but anonymous' future me letters really brought on the feels. If you're having a shit not so great day, read these, they are really motivational.

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