This week's reflections (28.02.2014)

What pleasant surprises did I discover this week? I wasn't feeling all that well this week due to a bladder infection. If you have ever had a bladder infection you may understand my situation and the reason I did not have many "pleasant" surprises this week. However, I can say that I am glad to be going home tomorrow, where I have proper, unlimited internet access. Regular blogging will resume shortly. It was also Malcolm's birthday on Wednesday but because he was writing exams we weren't able to do anything. We'll possible go out this weekend :)

What lessons did my work teach me that I could build upon next week? I was easily annoyed at work this week. Sometimes I'd just like to throw my toys out the cot and give everyone a piece of my mind. Reading that last sentence again, I guess the lesson I learnt at work this week is that holding my tongue gets the bills paid every month. Ha ha!

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Yes but I do feel a shift in goals approaching, depending on a few catalyst events coming up sooner than I expected.

What could I have spent more or less time doing? I really missed blogging this week. Yay for more blogging!!

How did fear and uncertainty affect what I did and didn't do? I feel determined this week so any uncertainty was brushed off of my shoulders very quickly.

What mental clutter can I clear? I have been thinking about my career this week which has made me feel uneasy causing tons of mental clutter. However, as stated in the previous reflection, I still carry a determined attitude.

What is the first logical step for next week? Setting boundaries. Working from home doesn't leave space for structure. If you have queries from clients at 7pm, you tend to use personal time to address them. Its a fine line but needs to be drawn.

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Have a fantastic weekend lovelies :)

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