This point in my life

My mom always told teenage me that between 18 and 25, you go through a limbo stage in life. Almost like you're going somewhere but nowhere at the same time. A stage in your life where you are unsure about pretty much everything and you have very little control over this perception.

This is where I am right now.

So it's true, moms are always mostly correct. She went through this herself and so did my older sister. I am hoping this stage of my life would come to some sort of conclusion by the end of this year. Being a young adult is rather annoying and fills your chest with anxiety. Always having to question the decisions you make and the thoughts you think. Even whilst writing this blog post I question my actions, "why am I sharing this?".

Looking back on the past five years of my time on earth makes me exhausted, for no real reason. I have spent a lot of my time reenacting a profound game of table tennis, (me being the ping pong ball) changing jobs, deciding on a career path, switching between households and unsuccessfully completing my degree. I also feel like I have been playing a hopeless game of Monopoly where my deck of chance cards only contain "Go back fifteen spaces, stop at 'Go', oh...and you do not get $200" instructions. I am forever starting over.

Maybe the only reason successful individuals reach their goals is simply because they get fed up with being in a specific situation or feeling a specific way. My breaking point is approaching and I welcome it with open arms. I need to regenerate the thoughts in my head and start playing a new game. A game where I have control. A game like Sims!

Sitting down and really philosophizing, I realize that these moments of frustration are the stepping stones which I am jumping on to get to a higher, better, more fulfilling stage of life. The stage where I am humble enough to appreciate what I have accomplished and wise enough to share my stories to other struggling minds. Right now I need to appreciate the things I would usually take for granted. The tedious 8-4 job that I have is giving me all the experience I need to move up on the corporate food chain. The tiny bachelor flat we stay in is giving Malcolm and I the opportunity to save for a deposit on a bigger, better place. This is what I need to thankful!

I am leaving you with one of my new favourite quotes from a poem by Shane Koyczan.

"If you find that no one is listening, be loud. Make noise. Stand in poise and be open. Hope in these situations is not enough and you will need someone to lean on. In the unlikely event that you have no one, look again." Shane Koyczan.

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