January Beauty Favourites

Here and my favourite beauty products which I could just not get enough of in January.

Sh'zen's Spa additive for feet and Spa manicure for hands and nails

I did a review on my previous blog on these two best selling products from Sh'zen. My mom used to be a Sh'zen rep about 10 years ago so I am very familiar with the brand and the products. These two "Spa" products help cleanse and soften your skin, doing the perfect prep work for your manicure or pedicure. 

Add 10ml of the powder to warm water and soak for 10min. Follow with a good scrub and moisturizer and you're set! The foot Spa Additive is safe for foot spa contraptions machines. The manicure powder has a refreshing citrus scent and the foot spa powder has a peppermint scent.

I have used these Sh'zen products pretty much every week before painting my nails.

Essence's Nail Hardner, Mavala's Colorfix Top Coat and OPI's Cuticle Oil

These three products have been amazing to use in conjunction with each other. The Essence nail hardener is something I recently purchased as I have read many great reviews from other beauty bloggers in SA and abroad. My nails definitely feel a lot stronger since using this in my nail routine. The nail hardener teamed up with the OPI cuticle oil is a potent combination as it attacks weak nails from all angles.

The quality of Mavala's Colorfix top coat has blown my mind. The shine it adds to regular bland polish is outstanding. This top coat will brighten up and illuminate your manicure. By far the best nail brand when it comes to quality for money!

Nivea's Facial Cleansing Wipes

I have struggled with most face wipes out on the market. Some are too rough on my skin, they don't remove make up as well as I'd like, and there are really pricey. I picked up a Nivea branded pack of wipes as I have not tried them yet. I was pleasantly surprised by how soft the wipe cloth was and how moisturizing it left my skin feeling. Ever since, I have been using them on a regular basis. They are also not that badly priced. I think I bought mine for R40.

What were your favourites for January?


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