Icebox Colors "St Tropez Lights" | Nail polish review

A few weeks ago I posted my very first review for Icebox colors' holographic polish in the colour "Las Vegas Lights". I was mesmerized by the multicoloured shimmers and shades. The brand showed great potential from the get go.

This week I will be reviewing the colour "St Tropez Lights"
St Tropez Lights in the full sun
This shade of polish reminds me of those yummy orange ice lollies we used to buy as kids, a total bargain at only two rand each. This is not a very common colour to wear on your nails but it is rather refreshing. I imagine wearing this to the beach with a pretty pink bikini.

The holographic effect is not as visible in the orange polish as other shades in the Icebox Colors holographic range. I also had a slight problem with the orange staining on my nails even with a base coat (never knew that was possible).

St Tropez Lights in the shade
Overall this is an average polish, the quality and drying time are pretty good however the holographic effect was a bit lost on the less opaque shade like the "St Tropez Lights"orange. Also, make sure you apply a good quality base coat to protect your natural nail.

Icebox Colors has tons of other holographic shades on offer. Check them out on their website and let me know which is your favourite.



  1. I haven't ever spotted these in stores. Where do you buy yours?

    1. Hi Charlene, I received these directly from Icebox. They do supply a few private nail salons. The easiest way to locate your nearest supplier is by emailing :) I hope this helps.