How we do it: Seed Loaf

Read our first post on baking with Snowflake easymix mixes here. We made some yummy Cuppuccino muffins. This time around we tested out the seed loaf easymix recipe. Here's how it came out.

These easymix packs are between R10-R15 at most grocery stores like Pick 'n Pay, Spar and Checkers. With the dry ingredients provided in the easymix pack, you have to add wet ingredients like eggs, oil and low fat milk.

To add more flavour, we put two hand fulls of Safari raisins in the mixture before baking.

Put the mixture into a bread-baking tray to get the "loaf" shape which is easy to cut into slices. Bake at 180 degrees for 50 min. This seed loaf can be eat with plain butter (which is mindblowingly delicious when the seed loaf is still warm), you can eat it with cream cheese and cherry tomatoes or you can eat it with cheddar cheese like below.

What would you add to your seed loaf?

Malcolm and Claire

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