Good Stuff Skincare Company | Skincare review

Good Stuff The Skincare Company is a new brand, to me, even though it has been available in stores for a while now. One thing you need to know about beauty bloggers is we get many products to review, which is a real blessing, but that means we have very little choice of what we buy. Why do I need a new body wash if I have 6 sitting in my bathroom cabinet? 

After taking my break from Miss Claira-Bella, my body wash reserves were used up pretty quickly, that's when I realized I hadn't bought my own body wash in over a year. I have tested out some fab skincare products and would repurchase many of them in a heartbeat but I decided to support a unknown (to me) brand and try something I wouldn't normally use. I browsed for a good 20min and settled on the "Good Stuff".

These yummy products are really affordable. The Bee Natural body wash was a steal at only R16.95. Rock 'n Rooibos body mist was R17.95. The quirky descriptions they add to the packaging is what caught my attention. They don't complicate things and get right to the point of why they think you should buy their products. Picture it as being a short blog post they paste onto the bottles to self market when you walk passed. Its pretty genius.

Putting all the "bla bla" aside, these products have been a dream to use. The scent of the Bee Natural body wash is rather wild but in a good "I want to eat it" way. It makes me feel like I need to build an outdoor shower under a forest of trees and put a bird soundtrack on my phone to play. Truly original!

I purchased the Rock ' n Rooibos body mist as a room and linen spray to give the house a fresh scent. As soon as the scent fills your chest it warms your body. It is really welcoming.

Overall I am loving this brand and cannot wait to try the other products.

I purchased my Good Stuff products at Dis-Chem but apparently they are available at Pick 'n Pay. If you see them anywhere else, let me know. Visit their Facebook page and website for more info on product ranges.



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