Getting your nails ring ready

Essence's "me and my lover"
Valentines Day is tomorrow and the chances of your significant other putting a ring on your finger is higher during the day of love (14 million estimated proposals every year worldwide on Valentines Day). Men seem to take advantage of Valentines day because they can be as cheesy as they want and no one is allowed to blame them. In other words, it makes their job easier and we couldn't be happier even if they did propose in a super cheesy way.

Like almost everything else we do nowadays, we Instagram it, and having a new sparkly friend on our hand warrants no exceptions. You want to make sure your nails are extra pretty just in case your partner surprises you tomorrow and the last thing you want people to comment on your pictures is "did your nails get into a fight with sandpaper?".

One of my favourite Valentines Day appropriate nail polishes is "me and my lover" by Essence.

Essence's sand effect polish in "me and my lover"
This polish is a light rosy red with small bits of gold simmer. The sand effect gives a pretty texture which is quite original compared to other Valentines Day nail options. I am such a fan of this nail polish because it is really durable. My manicure lasted 6 days and only had very tiny chips on the nail tip. This polish has been put onto Essence's discontinued list so if you do see a few of these bottles on the shelf, snap them up immediately!

Essence also has a new range out called "Effect nails"
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These little nail art pearls, glitters and powders are out on the shelves right now. I have spotted them at Dis-Chem stores for R29.95 each. I think the red flocking powder is a great idea for velvet Valentine nails.

If you find yourself without a ring at the end of the night, do not fret. Take comfort in the fact that your man was really proud to hold hands with a woman who takes care of herself and there's always your birthday ;)

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