Essie Full Steam Ahead | Nail polish review

I am writing this post from my bed. I started my week off with horrible flu and finally have enough energy to type a few sentences together that hopefully make sense.

Over the weekend I did some toiletry shopping at Dis-Chem and picked up my very first Essie polish! Can you believe it took me so long? This stunning colour is called "Full stem ahead".

I always try to be truthful in my posts so I will not hide the fact that I think Essie polishes are expensive! My bottle of Essie polish cost R115.00. I would definitely rather purchase a cheaper polish from Tip Top, Essence or LA Colors and buy something else with the rest. Unfortunately this girl has bills to pay...but going with my 2014 guideline of trying new things, I splurged a little to get my hands on an Essie polish. You have to try something at least once right?

This bottle was actually in the discontinued pile of cosmetics in Dis-Chem. The pretty lavender shade initially caught my eye and upon closer inspection I saw it contained silver shimmer as well. I was sold!

This polish was not as pigmented as I hoped it would be. In the image above and below, I was wearing two coats but later contemplated applying a third. The brush was average and applied easy enough to get full coverage. One thing that really did impress me was the sheen finish. I did not need to apply a top coat for a pretty glossy shine. The formula held its own radiance throughout my manicure which is quite rare but also expected out of a pricey polish.

"Full steam ahead" is from Essie's Naughty Nautical collection. This collection is at the end of it's run, meaning no more will be produced, however there may be a few bottles left in selected stores, you just have to keep your eye out. After my purchase I visited to check out their online store and the Essie polishes in the online store are cheaper that buying them off of the shelf (excluding shipping). Check out which polishes they have to offer buy clicking here.
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Overall I am really happy with the colour I chose and how well it shines however there are cheaper polishes out there and you can easily get the same look with a good topcoat. 

What did you think about this pretty polish? Do you have any Essie recommendations for possible purchases I may make in the future? Comment below or tweet me @Msclairabella.