This week's reflections (31.01.2014)

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What pleasant surprises did I discover this week? I went a whole 7 days without eating chocolate!!! And the best part was that I didn't even plan to not eat chocolate. The sad part was that I ate a chocolate Easter egg to celebrate the fact that I didn't eat chocolate. Wtf?

What lessons did my work teach me that I could build upon next week? Don't feel ashamed if you don't know everything. This links back to last week's post on what my work taught me where I mentioned that asking questions is good. Asking = learning.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Yes.

What could I have spent more or less time doing? Watching YouTube videos. I am constantly fueling my addiction to Vlogs.

How did fear and uncertainty affect what I did and didn't do? I wasn't as confidant in the decisions I made this week. I do regret some things I did or didn't do. It's a learning curve I guess.

What mental clutter can I clear? Routine. Malcolm and I have been out of our daily routine this week which messes with my body and mind. We need to get back to this to keep my mind at ease.

What is the first logical step for next week? Getting back into a reasonable routine :)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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