This weeks reflections (10.01.2014)

So my first week of the working year has gone by. I feel that it was a pretty successful week considering my slow work pace. It makes sense to me that you need to ease yourself into things as it will feel more structured and it will keep things mentally organised. If you jump straight into things (which may work), after a while you might find yourself deluged by the many tasks you have in front of you. 

This week I have really understood one of my favourite Chinese wisdoms;

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which is totally true! In the midst of life, you need to take a second to think about yourself and how you feel. From there you can always adjust your mood accordingly and carry on. I have seen in real life, to people I know, how stress can literally disable you through severe illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes. Keeping yourself mentally stable these days is tough but taking things slowly can really help.

This week also marks my first week officially working from home. Malcolm and I live in a small bachelor flat, until our finances are more stable, so space is not really my friend but it'll do...for now. Being at home with many distractions takes a lot of discipline but I have done it before so I know how to keep myself in check.

I found 7 questions you should ask yourself, to reflect constructively, at the end of each week, from this blog. They make you really think. Here goes...

What pleasant surprises did I discover this week? I discovered that I am more independent than I give myself credit for. I have Malcolm in my life so I never have to be alone in the decisions I make or the obstacles I come across but you never know what the future holds for you. I realized that I am a strong willed person and I can get to my goals by myself if I need to.

What lessons did my work teach me that I could build upon next week? I learned that you cannot always control everything. Especially being in the South African admin industry, things work on "African time". Unless you literally get in your car, march to the department you are fighting with and hold a gun to someones head, you just have to be patient. Also, being polite may get your further than arguing your way to point B.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? I am still setting defined long term goals so for now, all I have are short term goals. Efforts for these short term goals are going well. Hashtag Winning!

What could I have spent more or less time doing? Spend less time trying to control things that I am unable to. If I spent just as much time and effort on something I can control, I would be far more productive. 

How did fear and uncertainty affect what I did and didn’t do? Uncertainty, at my age, is rather vicious. I do not have many years of knowledge behind me so when I have to make a choice I do get a bit panicky.

What mental clutter can I clear? Worry. I think everyone can always try clear a little worrying from their mind. We're always worrying about something whether its money, family, your job, children, safety, or even the dirty dishes in your kitchen. 

What is the first logical step for next week? Be valuable. I have always had the same opinion ever since I started working five years ago. If you make yourself as valuable as you can, you will most likely have emotional security in life. In your work environment, if you are the most valuable person in your office or department, you will have security knowing you are difficult to replace. Not irreplaceable, just not pleasant. Also, being valuable must not joined with arrogance. It comes with responsibility.
I hope your weeks was great. Let me know about the obstacles you faced and how you feel when you reflect on the past week.

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