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During the dreary winter months last year, I decided that the world (or at least my world) needs more life. Seeing as babies are out if the question right now, I decided that growing plants was my next best option. All the elders in my family are really great with plants, so I have a semi-natural green thumb. This is the part where I thank my mommy and granny for letting me use her plants and flowers, for my mud cakes, when I was little. Nothing beats aloe slime mud-brownies!

Avocados...they are delicious and really expensive once they reach end of season, like now. Last Spring I thought I would spare one lucky avo seed the fate of the horrid trashcan. I read up that these guys take forever to grow which was perfect (due to us not owning a house yet)! Luckily my gran was visiting and gave me the basics. Anything else that I wasn't sure about, I got from here.

The trickiest part is finding where the avocados "bottom" is. My gran explained that there is a small ring at one end of an avocado. That is the part that need to be in the water and where the root will eventually come down from. You pretty much just put it on a well lit windowsill, change the water every second day and wait.

Six weeks later (baby avocado tree with a small root)
I am happy to report that, four months later, my sweet little avo tree has come along really well.

A four month old avocado tree
Beautifully big and healthy leaves
A very strong root system ready for planting
I will be planting this big guy pretty soon. I first need to invest in a nice pot as this is where it will be staying for the next 2 years or so. Avocado trees take almost 5 years to grow from seed to fruit which suits me perfectly. By then we will have bought our own house and may plant it in the ground for a permanent home.
My avocado tree in proportion to my hand
Have you tried anything like this or have your own avo tree? Share your story in the comments below.

It will be so cool when I refer back to this post 5 years from now!


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  1. Hi there,

    We also have one that we are growing we have 2 stems that are growing strong.