Strictly Come Coffee | Restaurant Review

Our first restaurant review!*

There is a really quaint coffee shop in the River Square Mall, Vereeniging, which we visit quite often. Its called Strictly Come Coffee. 
Coffee house style signage**
Our view of the little coffee shop
You can never just pass the delicious coffee fumes without popping in and tickling your taste buds with their array of caffeine options. We are often forgetful and never remember the specific name of the drink we always order. I think its a mixture between an iced coffee and a coffee milkshake. The only difference between the two is one comes with a flavoured syrup and the other doesn't. 
Our Iced coffee milkshake thing
We like to think we're special because they specially arrange with the barista to make this for us whenever we say we want the syrup too. Most of the time I get the hazelnut flavour and Malcolm get the vanilla. The other two flavours are toffee-nut and chocolate (I think). Sometimes we get some light lunch as well, depending on how much shopping we have done or plan to do. This was just before Christmas so obviously we had to prepare ourselves for some serious shopping-ness. 

Both Malcolm and I are crazy about chicken-mayo tramezzinis. Cappucinos do a really delicious chunky chicken mayo tramezzinni with mozzarella cheese. By far our favourite. We though we would give Strictly Come Coffee's chicken avo and fetta tramezzinis a try.
Prettily displayed
Tons of avo and fetta
 Malcolm was not that big a fan of the meal and I must agree, it was lacking a bit of flavour, but the meal was well prepared and beautifully displayed. It's not like we had to send it back or anything. It filled our stomachs and we were adequately fueled for our Christmas shopping spree. Considering their specialty is behind the coffee bar and not in the kitchen, it was quite good.

The restaurant space is filled with many visual stimulants such as an old fashioned coffee grinder, books and even a flat screen television showing clips on how to make coffee art on cappuccinos. Definitely a place I love to spend time in.
Coffee grinder, for display only.
Some reading material,
Overall this is a great place to occasionally visit. Prices are reasonable and service is friendly. If you're picky about food then maybe stick to drinks and cake only. If you feel like trying new things, like us, then give it a try.

You can visit their Facebook Page for more info and more images. Here is a really cool article/comic about the 15 things you should know about coffee from The Oatmeal blog.

Thanks for reading. Leave comments on other places we should visit!

Malcolm and Claire

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