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In case you are confused, like Malcolm, this post is not about throwing nail polish away. "Nail polish bins" are those big piles of nail polish you find in bins at Ackermans, Dis-Chem and Clicks. They usually contain all the unknown, misfit, leaky, separated and ugly nail polishes, which pharmacies simply cannot sell, so they throw them in a scratch-pit-styled nail polish bin where you get to pick polishes for R19.95 each.

I never usually pay attention to these bins because I don't want to be seen scratching desperately, like a hungry homeless person, in case someone walks past with a basket full of Yardley and Rimmel products thinking "Ag shame, look at that".

Then I thought, screw it...they're cheap. Here's two polishes I picked up at an Ackermans nail polish bin (R19.95 each). These "Vixen" polishes don't have names, so I have given them my own :)

 #11 Vixen / Lovely Luna
Vixen Nail Polish in number 11/ Lovely Luna
Lovely Luna is a really magical blue colour with pearly pink shimmer. I applied two coats to get the colour that you see in the bottle. The brush was nice and slim making it easy to apply. You could wear this on its own or as a top coat on another pretty polish.

#30 Vixen/ Gold Reef City
Vixen nail polish in number 30/  Gold Reef City
Gold Reef City is a beautiful gold top coat. It contains small gold shavings which, I guess, you could use on its own but I like it as a top coat. This is a stunning "night on the town" kind of polish which I need in my collection. I find that this looks stunning on top of pastel colours.

I bought the next two M.O.D polishes which I found in a Dis-Chem bin (also R19.95 each).

#73 M.O.D/ Zanzibar-licious
M.O.D nail lacquer in number 73/ Zanzibar-licious
Zanzibar-licious is a very light blue that needs about three to four coats to achieve the colour in the bottle (I just did two coats). It has silver shimmer in which caught my eye and it would be great to jazz up a 3 or 4 day old manicure. Just paint one or two coats over and voila, new nails!

#58 M.O.D/ Summertime Christmas
M.O.D nail lacquer in number 58/ Summertime Christmas
I wore Summertime Christmas over the Christmas season (hence its name). It is a bright red which suited the festivities just right. This is my favourite of all four polishes as I only needed one coat to get good coverage and a bright shade. It is also really eye catching and suits most skin tones. Love it!

My conclusion? I love these bins. They give you an opportunity to test out shades you wouldn't normally spend R100 on, fearing you will hate its guts. If you try a shade and really hate it then you don't have to feel bad about spending a lot. You can also find a few gems in these misfit piles.

If you find a colour that you really like but the bottle has polish on or looks like its starting to separate, remind yourself that they have probably been mishandled and abused. Give the bottles a shake to get the formula back to normal and use some nail polish remover to give the bottles a face lift. It'll be worth your R20!

Have you found any good polishes in nail polish bins? Comment below!
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