Mugg and Bean Sunday Lunch | Restaurant Review

Yesterday Malcolm and I spent the afternoon with his parents and little brother. Our original plan was to visit a butterfly garden in Henly but upon arrival it was closed. So we ended up having a relaxed Sunday lunch at Mugg and Bean.

One of my guides for 2014 was to try new things starting with something simple, like food. I am the type of person that, without fail, will order the same meal every time I visit a restaurant. I stuck to the safe things like wraps, tramezzinis, lasagna, toasted sandwiches and pizza. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had something different when eating out.

This time I tried the Backyard BBQ Pretzel
It is a soft buttered pretzel filled with mixed lettuce, tomato, BBQ beef strips, cheddar cheese, creamy coleslaw and home mad onion rings.

I was really surprised that I enjoyed this meal because I do not usually eat onions. I also thought that the coleslaw was strange to add with all the other ingredients but it added a tangy taste which was really good! This specific Mugg and Bean, in Vereeniging, always make "home-made" fries (meaning they don't buy the frozen ones and then just soak them in oil. Gross!). The meal was very well thought out and prepared.

For drinks, I ordered a ginger beer crush. It was ridiculously hot and I needed something refreshing. Maybe they could have put less corn syrup in but besides the extreme sweetness, it did the job.
Ginger beer crush
Malcolm had the smoked chicken and avocado wrap :)

After lunch we tried some cakes and brownies which were really not enjoyable. We did speak to the Mugg and Bean personnel and they informed us they had just switched bakers which may be the reason they were not on par with other Mugg and Beans I have been to.

It was an enjoyable lunch and we came home feeling refueled for the week ahead.

What are your favourite meals to eat at Mugg and Bean. I'll give them a try!


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  1. I used to always order the quesadillas at M&B. I'm not sure how they are now, but they used to be very tasty. :)