Manicure Monday with Icebox Colors | Nail polish review

Finally! I own my very own holographic nail lacquers. The lovely peeps at Icebox Colors were kind enough to send me a few holographic polishes to share with you lovely ladies. Sticking to my 2014 guideline of trying new things, I became like a giddy little kid in a toy shop as soon as I applied it to my nails.

The first colour I tried out was Las Vegas Lights!

This polish is a very pretty dusty pink to purple tone. It is very opaque and you only need one coat (although I am wearing two coats in the image above). You still get a lot of shimmer from the holographic particles in one coat. Oh, and the shimmer!? It's almost as if they found a magical Unicorn farm, gathered some unicorn poop and made a nail polish from it! Ha ha ha. It is truly beautiful.

You cannot really get the true beauty of the holographic shimmer in photo's so I took a quick video recording of how the polish shines in the sun. Try watch it in HD if you can.

I did experience chips in the polish up to 2 hours of wearing it. Make sure you use a strong top coat and you don't use your nails as tools (which you should do anyway, no matter what the polish).

I really like the small 7ml bottles Icebox Colors has to offer. They seem really small but they have tons of polish in them and will give you quite a few manicures. Also, the shape of the bottle is original. I didn't like it at first but upon closer inspection it looks like an ice cube with nail polish in the middle!

Overall this is a really original bottle and nail colour to have in your collection. If you don't already own a holographic polish, I suggest purchasing one soon! Icebox colours are available at Salons and some pharmacies. If you have any questions email or visit their website. They also have a Facebook page with more info and images :)

Do you love this holographic look?


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