Korres Part 2 | Skincare review

This is a continued post for my "Korres Skincare Review part 1" which I posted yesterday. Click here to check out the first two Korres products I tried out. 

The thirdskincare product is Korres' Wild Rose Eye Cream with SPF 15

I have to say I love that this product has and SPF ingredient. The skin under and around your eye is thin and it has a higher chance of getting sun damage quicker than other parts of your body. This however should not be the sole reason you purchase this product as a normal SPF cream will do the same thing.

This eye cream left my eye area with a mediocre moisturized feeling. I would rather apply a regular SPF sun screen and at night apply a tightening serum like this one from VICHY (its around the same price range).

Overall, I was really unimpressed by this eye cream. There was nothing that really stood out for me however if you haven't used eye creams in the past, this is a great starter product for you to get to know what works for your skin. This 15ml tube will cost you R380.00. To be honest, I find that to be reasonable for an eye cream as it will easily last you six months to a year even with everyday application.

This product was not in Paula's book but there was another Korres eye cream where she touched on the SPF ingredient. Her team said that the SPF 15 rating was a little disappointing as you need something stronger around the eye area.

The last product I will be reviewing is the Pomogranate Cleansing Mask for oily to combination skin.
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I believe that everyone should own a good face mask or deep cleanser (even you gentlemen) and you should use it at least once a week to spring-clean your pores and get rid of nasty gunk your normal face wash may not get to.

You apply this product onto clean, dry skin, leave for 10 min and rinse with lukewarm water. I must say I was not a fan of the small 16ml. I felt that I could not lather the product on to get adequate coverage because I want the tube to last long. The small amounts I did apply seemed to do the job alright.

I love that this cleansing mask did not leave my skin with any "tight" feeling which means it cleaned my skin without stripping any natural oils. The clay like consistency is also an original trait this mask has. Its just like mud masks you would get at salons but it smells way better.

Overall this is an average cleansing mask. I do wish it came in a bigger size, maybe a 50ml tube. I suppose the fact that I want a bigger tube means I enjoyed using this product. You can get your own Korres pomegranate cleansing mask for R95.

Paula's team did not review this product in the book however they did give Korres' Cleansers a general "good " rating and this is one of brands' strengths.

Korres is actually quite a big deal. Celebs like Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Kylie Minogue, Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, Woody Allen and David Beckham use Korres products (apparently). They also have a whole bunch of stores worldwide including cities like Athens, New York, Paris, Madrid, Helsinki, Dubai, Frankfurt, St.Petersburg, Prague, Barcelona and Singapore amongst others.

This brand is worth trying out. You can purchase the products mentioned above at Edgars and Red Square stores right now! Follow Red Square on Twitter for all beauty news and exciting new releases. They also have an online store.I did not see any Korres products there however its still a good idea to visit to see what other yummy products they have to offer.

Thanks for reading these lengthy reviews. I hope they helped. If you have any questions, Tweet me @Msclairabella.


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