Korres Part 1 | Skincare review

Back in July last year I shared a review on Kings and Queens which was a name that was made known at the multi-brand launch at an Edgars (Edcon group) event last year. Another brand which made its debut to SA's shores at the launch was Korres.

"Korres is a Greek skincare brand, born out of Athens’ first ever homeopathic pharmacy in 1996". The brand has innovative and clinically effective skincare products based on natural active extracts. They utilize valuable Greek herbs through the production of brand-own high value organic extracts  and they strongly believe in educating, supporting, cooperating with local communities, agricultural unions and organic farmers.

A few luckily bloggers received some Korres products to test out and share. I will be reviewing these products based on my experience using them on my own skin as well as a short comment on the review in Paula Begoun's book "Don't go to the cosmetic counter without me". I will be referring to this book over the next few weeks and will be writing a review at the end.

First up, we have the Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturizing Brightening Cream for oily to combination skin types.

This is the first of the four Korres products I tried. I have had conflicts with moisturizers not doing much for my skin in the past so I had high hopes for this product. 

As soon as you apply the product you will notice the fragrance. It has a pleasant rose garden scent which, by default, we welcome but keep in mind that fragrance is a very common irritant and our skins do not like irritant ingredients. I did not have any visible red patches or breakouts from the fragrant ingredient.

This brightening cream contains corn starch which does a great job of soaking up the unnecessary oil your skin produces. This product could be applied solely to your T-zone or problem areas to control shine.

One ingredient that did seem to effect my skin was Cetearyl Alcohol. I assume it was this ingredient that caused a slight tingle sensation on my skin. It did not last long but might be a concern for some.

Overall this product was great to use on warm days where perspiring was a problem. The water based cream is light on the skin and soaks up some oils on the surface of your skin. I am concerned about the long term effects of the fragrant and alcohol ingredients may have on your skin after continued use. Read up on the other ingredients here. This 40ml jar will set you back R330.00.

Paula's team thought this product was "average" as it contains some helpful plant ingredients but the effectiveness is lost as soon as you open the jar. The formula is no longer stable as it has come into contact with the air.

Next is the Wild Rose Brightening and Line Smoothing Serum for all skin types.

This serum was a dream to apply and provides a considerable amount of moisture to my face. About two minutes after applying the serum, there is a slight sticky/tacky layer on your skin. This would be a good time to apply your foundation or loose powder as it will stick pretty well.

I applied this serum whenever my skin needed a boost of moisture and it worked really really well. My skin did look slightly smoother so the sticky gel like constancy did fill in some fine lines. Again, there is a rose scent and alcohol ingredients however this did not effect my skin to the point of noticing red patches or tingling on the skin.

Overall this is my favorite product from the Korres brand (so far). If your are looking for a serum/moisturizer that will help your parched skin then give this a try. This serum is quite expensive, retailing at R495.00 so this is definitely a splurge but it will last a few months and you use a very small amount upon each application.

Paula's team gave this product a "poor rating" as it contains a free radical damaging alcohol ingredient from the witch hazel distillate.

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