Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know (Even Girls)

More often than I would like to admit I find that moving a mouse around here there and everywhere is just too strenuous. So I compiled a list of all the shortcuts that I think everyone should know exist, even if they aren't used.

A typical scenario from the unspoken playbook:
"The Facebook Stalk"
Open a browser in windows, then use ( Picture of the Windows logo key) to move the window to the right size of the screen, then open something work related like your emails, and re-sized that screen to the left ( Picture of the Windows logo key←). This shows your awesome multitasking skills. If you get this right then give yourself a high five!*

Now if your boss walks by while you're looking at their beach photos, just after the initial shock, calmly press (Picture of the Windows logo key↓) and viola, it'll disappear. 
Or if you're one of those people that like to maximize those beach photos and zoom in, just use (alt + tab) to switch to another window in your browser.*

ctrl + a
 Select all (text or files)
ctrl + c
 Copy Selected
ctrl + v
 Paste Selected
ctrl + x 
 Cut Selected
Picture of the Windows logo key + E
 Open Windows Explorer
alt  + F4
 Close Currently Selected Program
Picture of the Windows logo key + d
 Show Desktop (minimize all)

Word Processing
ctrl + end
 Go to the very end of a document
ctrl + home
 Go to the very beginning of a document
ctrl + f
 Search for word or part of word (also works in browser)
ctrl + enter
 Adds a "Page Break"

For the Cool Kids
Picture of the Windows logo key + tab or alt + tab
 Switch between open programs
ctrl + alt + delete
 Open Task Manager Launch Options
ctrl + shift + esc
 Open Task Manager Directly
Picture of the Windows logo key + P
 Select Screen Output (Use when plugging in a projector)
Picture of the Windows logo key + 
 Resize window to left half of screen
Picture of the Windows logo key + 
Resize window to right half of screen
Picture of the Windows logo key +
Maximize Window
Picture of the Windows logo key + shift + (← or )
Move window to adjacent monitor

 Refresh Page
ctrl + F5
Hard Refresh (reloads page as if it was the first time you are viewing it) 
ctrl + mouse wheel
 Zoom in/out
ctrl + left mouse click
 Open link in a new tab
ctrl + tab 
 switch between tabs

So keyboard shortcuts are there to make your life easier, not just for teenage nerd-boys to impress girls with (been there, done that, it failed horribly).

Comment below if you have any keyboard shortcuts that you found very helpful. Also, follow me on Twitter and tweet me, @howsemj, if you have any questions about these shortcuts.

* Please note some of these shortcuts will only work on Windows 7 or later


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