How we do it: Mini Muffins (with Snowflake Easymix)

I absolutely love baking! This joy was passed onto me by my grandmothers and parents (even my daddy). One of my little baking cheats is to use easymix ingredient packs from Snowflake. I really love using my grandmothers recipes and bake from scratch but when you have had a busy week at work, screaming kids in the kitchen (not in my case) and a muffin crazy boyfriend to keep happy, you need to cheat a little to keep the peace and your own sanity.

I decide to try out my new mini muffin pan to make bite sized snacks for Malcolm and myself to enjoy over the weekend. My Spar only had savory, mint chocolate and cappuccino flavours. Malcolm only likes one out of the three (bran muffins are his favourite though) which was the cappuccino one. These are usually between R10 and R15 which is really not bad.

This is baking process and how they turned out :)

All you need to do is mix 200ml of water, 2 eggs and 125ml of cooking oil together. Once that is nicely mixed add the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon or whisk. Don't over mix.

Nicely mixed batter ready for baking
You will immediately want to stick your fingers into the batter because it smells delicious! Luckily Malcolm wasn't home. He can never resist picking at the bowl.

Put the oven on to 18 degrees and grease your pans. I would have preferred using Spray and Bake but I didn't have any so I just ended up using regular spread from Stork.

These mini muffins were only in the oven for about 10-15min and were perfect!

I was really impressed at how these came out! These easy mixes from Snowflake are pretty amazing. They also have a whole range of other baking goods to aid you on your baking adventures.

Here's my mid afternoon snack with yummy percolated coffee and mini cappuccino muffins. All I am missing is the Nespresso machine :)

I definitely recommend Snowflake baking products. If you have tried any of these easy mix packs let me know if they were winners or flops. Tweet me @Msclairabella

Love from the happy baker,

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