How should you start the new year?

A diary would be a great place.

I recently bought a 2014 diary and whilst on this subject, may I please ask something trivial? Since when did diaries get so flipping expensive!? Up to R400! Why? 

My "cheap" diary from CNA
I understand that diaries have been around for centuries and you get some really fancy schmancy leather ones with pretty embossed covers. Hell, if you’re lucky, they’ll even throw in a nice pen…but really now? My diary set me back 70 bucks and I still feel like I indulged a little bit. If I was well trained, by Malcolm that is, I wouldn’t even need to buy a hard cover diary; I could just use my cell phone. This is something we always disagree on. Unfortunately I’m one of those people…if it’s not under my nose I will forget about it, so a diary in my hand bag works the best.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against spending a considerable amount of money on a diary. If I had it to spare, I would buy a R300 diary, but one of those “Dear Diary” ones that will probably be passed down to my kids and if I live an interesting enough life, maybe by the time I die I could have a book written from the stories that my diary contains. I am not that type of person, this I know. My diary will contain dentist appointments, hearts around anniversary dates, birthday reminders and notes like, “Aunt Flow came to town”, and for that, my R70 is as much as I will spend!

Let’s get some opinions running in the comments below. How much did you spend on your diary? Typo ladies…let’s admit, sometimes you go overboard. How much did you pay and does the price really make a difference?


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