This weekend Malcolm and I went to a housewarming braai at one of his work colleague's new house. We didn't know anyone there so we got the opportunity to meet some new people (most importantly, couples) which was really refreshing. Malcolm and I have been together for forever now and we have not really made any new friends along the way, just because we didn't need to. I forgot how nice it is to learn about other peoples lives and chat in a comfortable, chilled environment.

Here's some pictures I got to take at the housewarming;

Malcolm and I aren't big drinkers but we did have a little alcohol at the shindig. I had some St Claire Rose and he had Hunters Hard Lemon, which are both our favourites.

I made some doggie friends. 3 pointers and one border collie. They were fighting each other for some human cuddles... 

...eventually getting right into my face.

The food was delicious. Pork chops, potato bake, garlic bread and a green salad :)

 The guys also played a little bit of hacky sack. Malcolm absolutely loves sports and exercise so he enjoyed this male bonding experience with the other guys.

I'm glad Malcolm and I got to get out of our small place and had some good food with new friends. In this busy modern life we forget to enjoy these small memories in the making :)

What did you get up to this weekend?


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