Eye Brow Gel Fail and OFRA | Cosmetics review

Towards the end of last year the lovely PR ladies for OFRA Cosmetics sent me a new product to test out; their Semi Permanent Waterproof Eye Brow Gel in Khaki and Dark Brown.

I am always a bit hesitant when it comes to gel products in small jars. As soon as I opened the products I immediately thought of previous gel products like this one from Essence. Questions like "What brush do I use?" and "Do I paint, dab, swipe, tap, line or dot this stuff on?" run through my mind (which you could YouTube if you like). 

I did a quick test on my eye brow (just one) with one of my angled eye liner brushes which turned to be rather disastrous. One thing you must know about me, I don't do the whole "bold eye brow" look. It just does't work with my petite face and I honestly do not feel comfortable applying it myself  just in case I look like this guy from The O.C. I stick to lighter products like this one from GOSH Cosmetics which just lightly fills the eye brow.

Even after failing to get the look right, I got to experience some of the ups and downs of this product. Firstly, the colours are really pigmented which is both good and bad. Good because it will show up really well but bad because it seems to be a bit overpowering (well on my face at least). I guess its all about matching an adequate colour for your skin and brow shade and not applying too much.

Secondly, this stuff sticks! Once you apply this, the chances of it wearing off soon after is microscopic. Washing this product off of my face was a challenge but won't be a problem for you if you own a decent face wash or makeup remover. This lives up to its semi permanent waterproof claim. Don't doubt that ish :)

Lastly, I feel this is an advanced type of eye product. The fact that I battled shows that it is not preferable for beginners. I think I proved what will happen when you give a mildly skilled person a professional product. Although, all professionals were beginners at some point so it just takes practice.
Right eye with OFRA product
...So I need a little practice...I guess its not that bad (or is it?). Maybe I should have watched this video by OFRA Cosmetics USA before giving it a try :)

Overall this is a great product. It has a great pigmentation, it lives up to its durability claims and is a good quality products in general. However, it takes some practiced techniques and the correct brushes to get a decent look. I will master it soon and give you an update. I also feel that waterproof eye brow gel is a little wasted on the face unless you plan on going swimming. I would rather invest in a higher quality mascara and eye-shadow primer.

Until then, hop over to OFRA Cosmetics SA's Facebook page (where they also showcase their gorgeous SA brand ambassador), follow them on Twitter or leave comments below with any questions you may have. 

Ciao for now!

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