This weeks reflections (07.09.2014)

What lessons did I learn that I could build upon next week? Too much "me time" can drive you a teeny bit crazy. Malcolm is away till the end of September on a business trip. At fist I was looking forward to the alone time, to reflect on all things life, but now that I have been left alone with my own mind for too long, I am getting bored and craziness is sure to set in. I don think I am quite there yet but I hope Malcolm gets back soon. Who knows what I will be like in a few more weeks.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Yes

Favourite moment this week? I got a chance to play Sims 4. I have been playing this ever since I was a little girl (around 10 years old) so it was nice to play the next generation game. 

What was my main concern and how did I find a way to put my mind at ease? 

What is the first logical step for next week? 

The Kits Approve - Hill's Promotion

The Kitties got a gift!

Mr Meow Investigating the treats inside
From September, vets will be giving away cute, collectable ‘kitty’ tins with selected purchases of Hill’s Science Plan Feline. Purchase a bag (1.5kgs or larger) of any Hill’s Science Plan Feline and you can choose from a selection of four differently designed storage tins. Valued at R85 and large enough to hold 2kgs of food, it will be a colourful addition to your home. The #hillskittytin is only available from September at participating veterinary outlets, while stocks last.

Josie was more interested in the camera :)
 Hill’s Science Plan is naturally preserved, completely balanced and scientifically-formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all breeds of cat and dog. Offer available while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply. To find your nearest participating veterinary outlet contact Hill’s on or 0800 228 783. For more info visit

Become part of a community passionate about pets and learn about Hill’s latest special offers on Facebook and Twitter. #hillskittytin

During September Hill’s are hosting a fun Facebook photo contest on crazy places some cats like to sleep - – there are #hillskittytin prizes and food to be won.

Thank you for this gift Hills!


Starting an Orchid Collection

Hi there! I recently found an Orchid on special at my local Checkers. A beautiful Phalaenopsis hybrid for only R50. I though it would die for sure but I did some solid research and made sure I was educated on how to look after this special flower the day of my purchase. Needless to say, the more I researched the more I found and the more I found, the more Orchids I feel are missing from my life. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid (it also has another name for the specific flower colour and pattern but I am still trying to get it identified)
I think it is quite rewarding to understand a plants needs who are 100% dependent on the environment and nutrients you provide. It seems I am doing something right so far because my Phalaenopsis hasn't died, so I am looking for more Orchids to make a collection.

The biggest issue I have found is that not many nurseries supply a wide range of Orchids because they are pricey, the chances of people buying them are slim and they'll end up sitting on their shelves for many months. Then there are the horticulturists who exclusively grow Orchids however they seem to stay under the radar and only make themselves known to the nurseries. I am sure they sell to the public as well but it'll take a bit longer to track them down.

I managed to find a Dendrobium-Phalaenopsis Orchid last week, at my local nursery and shot-gunned it immediately. This type of orchid is different from the one I already have. I found this out during my hours of Orchid research. It gets me very giddy :)

The actual plant of this Dendrobium doesn't look very healthy, probably due to under fertilization and not getting enough light. It only has 4 leaves on one of the canes and the plant has four canes. This ratio is bad however it is flowering which tells me that it is coping.

If you have an Orchid and need some info, here are some links that helped me understand the different types and how to care for them;
Dani from Orchid Nature on YouTube
Brad from Brad's Greenhouse on YouTube
Les from Orchid Species on YouTube

There are also some South African sites I will link below. Some seem to be outdated but they still have some useful info.
Bay Orchids
Orchids SA
Marvelous Orchids
South African Orchid Society

In extra Orchid news, South Africa is hosting this yesar's World Orchid Conference from the 10th to the 14th of September at the Sandton Convention Center. You can read here for more information on exhibitors and how you can get tickets. The last time South Africa hosted this event was back in 1981 so this is a big deal guys :)

Let me know in the comments below if you have an Orchid and if you enjoy looking after it/them.


Office Decor Pinspiration | Home Decor

Tip Top Nails Sumptuous Collection | Nail polish review

Many beauty bloggers got the opportunity to meet many brands at a recent PR day hosted by Freebees PR. There I got to meet the lovely ladies behind the Tip Top Nails brand. I have known this brand since my blog career started, 3 years ago, and their nail polish collections have become more beautiful over the years.

At this beautiful PR event, I took home the new Sumptuous collection by Tip Top Nails, which will be on the shelves this month! Here are the swatched shades.

Lady Lilla, Navy-Gator and In My Genes
Jade in the shade, Cupid's Arrow and Sea me now.
I do wish that there were softer colours in this collection but that is only my preference. The Tip Top ladies were inspired by Venice with its melting pot of Gothic, Renaissance and oriental elements. Picture yourself in Venice with beautiful skies, velvet textures and mosaic architecture...I think they nailed it!

This is actually the prefect collection for ladies who's style isn't really "girly". Matching one or two of these polishes with a nice Spring dress will let people know you take care of yourself but you mean business.

The Sumptuous collection will be on the shelves throughout September at Clicks stores only (they have dropped Foschini as a stockist). Some added news, Tip Top nails will be releasing a new collection every single month and it seems like it will continue into next year. I have seen the next two collections and they are beautiful. Start saving up for a monthly nail polish fund!

Visit Tip Top Nails Facebook page for weekly competitions were you could win your own set of pretty polishes.

Which shade has caught your eye?


I Love Spring Tag

Happy Spring day! I found this cute tag online and thought I'd share my answers. I know you're supposed to "tag" others to do this but I am only doing it for fun :) Feel free to tag yourself if you want!

Favorite spring nail polish?
At the moment I am loving OPI's Pink Friday which is a baby pink shade. It is a soft pastel that matches the soft Spring feel in the air. A more affordable polish in the same shade would be Tip Top's Melting Marshmallows which you can find at some Clicks stores.

OPI Pink Friday. Image as seen on Instagram
What is your must-have lip color this spring?
I am not one for Lipsticks and prefer wearing lighter lip products as it starts to warm up so lip tints are the way to go if you have similar likes as I do. I love Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Darling for Spring.

Show us your favorite spring dress!
Unfortunately I'm not a dress kinda gal.

What's your favorite flower?
I recently purchased an Orchid and I have come to appreciate it's beauty. This has become my favourite Spring flower!

Favorite spring scarf/accessory?
For some reason I think of Alice bands/ head bands as a Spring thing.

What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? 
I have been really busy and have not kept up with the Spring trend so I guess I am excited to be surprised!

Favorite spring candle?
Ah! I am dying to get my hands on a Yankee Candle. At the moment I only have incense sticks and my fave for Spring is Vanilla.

Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?
Anything flower-ey 

What is spring like where you live?
It's still quite cold but all the beautiful blossoms get me excited for the next few months.

What's your favorite thing about spring?
I love seeing everything come to life. Even the grass gets greener everyday. These are all signs of impending swimming pools and watermelon during our December holiday.

Are you a spring cleaner?
Not really. Besides, we just moved in to our house so our "junk" is very minimal.

Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
We don't get Spring break here in SA. I am definitely excited for a long break over December.

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The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask | Skincare Review

Read my previous face mask review here.

I recently tried out another mask from The Body Shop brand, which I purchased back in February this year. I bought it specifically to use during the drier months of the year and seeing as it is the end of winter, I wanted to give my skin an extra boost of moisture in preparation for the healthy Spring glow.

As with the Tea Tree mask I tried earlier in the year, there is only enough product for one application. It applies clear and is more of an intense moisturizer, so it doesn't dry into a "peel off" type mask which tightens and may be quite uncomfortable.

Face mask selfie with my Kitty onesie :)
After 15 min I lightly rinsed off the face mask and wasn't really awed with the results. I still had to apply a decent amount of moisturizer before my face felt soft and nourished. This doesn't necessarily mean it is a poor mask, it just means that it is not suitable for ladies who have really dry skin and expect high levels of moisture.

A few tips - Rather apply this at night and only rinse in the morning or alternatively use it as a normal moisturizer by only using a small amount and not rinsing it off.

I don't see myself trying this again in the future.

Have you tried this or any other masks? Comment below! You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I am getting up to.


This weeks reflections (17.08.2014)

Hey! I'm back with another reflections post. It has been a while and thought its about time I catch up. Read my last post here.

What lessons did I learn that I could build upon next week? I mention this a lot but focus plays a big role in success, even the in normal daily tasks an goal. This definitely came apparent to me again this week however a good balance between work and play is important.

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Yip!

Favourite moment this week? I really enjoyed attending Freebees' PR day this week. It was great seeing all the faces of the brands that have supported me throughout my blogging career. I also have great reviews to share from a lot of the brands that I got a chance to chat to which I hope you enjoy!

What was my main concern and how did I find a way to put my mind at ease? In the beginning of August, Malcolm was playing a hockey match and got hit in the head with a player's stick from the other team. He wash rushed off to the emergency rooms and had to get 7
staples. I was really worried about complications that arise from concussions etc. so we went to a neurologist on this week for a CT scan. We'll hear back this week but the doctor says he doesn't suspect there to be anything serious. 

What is the first logical step for next week? Getting all the paperwork processed for the house. This is still an ongoing procedure and I will need to visit SARS which, on a good day, is a terrible mission but I am staying positive that it will be a pain-free encounter.

I hope you all have a good week filled with success and good memories.


SILTS Volume 3

I have a jam packed post for this volume of SILTS (stuff I'd like to share). If you missed the Volume 2, click here to catch up with the news I shared there.

Starting off with a BANG, Sorbet, the powerhouse beauty salon franchise, announced on their social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, that they will be launching their own nail polish range just in time for our pretty pointers to enjoy this Summer. They are running a #namethatpolish competition until tomorrow, where you can name the polish below. If your name gets chosen then you will win the whole summer collections and some for your friends too. Please submit your name ideas on their Facebook page.

 I am really impressed at the Sorbet chain, especially how they have grown into their own, very well known, brand. It wasn't too long ago that they teamed up with Clicks for their very own skin care range and earlier this year they started producing other beauty tools such as tweezers and nail files (which are fab by the way!) which wear the Sorbet name. 

In extra "Sorbet-ey" news, Ian Fuhr, the founder and original fire-starter of South Africa's leading Beauty Salon Group, is launching a book called "get that feeling" which explains his success and he includes an entrepreneurial journey that is fearless, fast and brutally honest. His book will be out sometime this month. (Source)

In yummy "I could bake all day long" news, Boardmans has teamed up with The Cake Boss and have launched a whole range of Cake Boss baking products. Buddy was in SA for the Gauteng Food and Wine show where he showed off his new baking equipment and did a demo for Expo visitors. The exciting new baking toys include everything needed to mix, scrape, scoop and whisk to perfection as well as specialist items including a mechanical cookie scoop, handy cake lifter and superb bench scraper. They also have specialist pans, like the Stacked Circle Cakelette Pan, create exquisite layered cakes and cookies ready for decorating and piping as well as fun, individual pies and cakes. Lastly, they will also be offering cake servers and beautiful cookie jars.

My lucky sister, Tammy, got to meet Buddy at Monte Casino and I am just beyond jealous!

Tammy, third from the left.
The Cake Boss range of baking and cake decorating tools and accessories will be exclusively available from 22 August at the following Boardmans stores: Eastgate , Design Quarter , The Glen , Clearwater , Menlyn , Tygervalley , Gateway , Canal Walk , Brooklyn , Cresta , Northgate (Source)

That's it for this volume of SILTS. Do you have any news you think I should share? Pop me an email -


June & July Favourites

New month, new start. Here are some of my favourites from June and July!

I sincerely only had 3 favourties as far as brands and/or products go for the past 2 months. First being Nescafe's Classic instant coffee. I don't have a beautiful, reverie, Nescafe coffee machine that takes capsules so in our house, we use the instant stuff. This is a more costly than other brands but it really is on a whole new level of quality. It is stronger and therefore you drink fewer cups in a day. With the winter chills, I have really enjoyed this spoil.

Secondly, Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream/ Skin protectant has really helped keep my parched skin hydrated. Seeing as this is only a small jar, I use the sticky serum-like product on my most dry areas such as elbows, hands and cuticles and often on my face as well. This product works wonders and has been such a life saver as we reach the final stretch to Spring.

Lastly, I have enjoyed wearing tons of grey nail polish recently. One of my favourites is Nails Inc's Porchester Square. It appears to be cream in the image above so click here for true swatches which I have done on my previous blog. Team this shade up with a good base and top coat and you will have stunning nails to guide you into spring.

One more favourite is our fireplace. Baking marshmallows in our new house, which used to be a daydream in the past. I love how it has become my reality. This space in our home has become special to me and will be special for many years to come.

Do you have any favourites you would like to share?


A Brain Break?

Here I sit, ashamed that I haven't posted good content in a while and I cant seem to explain exactly why. I'll pin in down to one general statement...I need a brain break!

The house sale is finally coming up to the finish line, I am just starting to dip my toes into the wedding planning waters and work is, well, work. It is starting to become overwhelming and before I completely roll into the fetal position, it would be best to take a few days off. 

I have always found that blogging clears the mind and in it's own little way, it can be therapeutic. While this is true (at least in my case), there is a fine line between blogging as a hobby and blogging because you feel like you 'have to'. If you feel like you have to post to your blog, your content may get monotonous and soon you'll feel like you're writing your final creative writing exam. Your posts become long, to the book and unoriginal because playing it safe seems okay.

I am taking a little brain break and my posts will be back up to scratch when I return.

Image from Pinterest

This weeks reflections (11.07.2014)

This week I am posting my reflections post a bit earlier...just because :)

What lessons did I learn that I could build upon next week? Getting ahead of things can save a lot of stress. Take housework for example, the longer you leave things, the messier the house gets and more effort is needed to clean it up. I mention this example especially because of the new house and the mess I have been trying to avoid, keeps piling up :) Also, blogging these past two weeks had been difficult and I intend catching up soon!

Are my short-term efforts and long-term goals still aligned? Yes

What could I have spent more or less time doing? I feel my time was well spent this week. I would have liked to spend more time blogging but I did other things that needed my attention just as much.

What was my main concern and how did I find a way to put my mind at ease? Malcolm has been away since last week. He is in Mozambique doing some work there. I am jealous that he is enjoying warm weather and I am freeing my butt off. Safety was an issue for me as it was the first time alone in the new house. We have recently had theft in our area so I was worried about being alone. We have a very good neighborhood in terms of friendly neighbors and helping hands. I am sure if I were in any trouble they would help. And we also have alarm systems which offers extra protection.

What is the first logical step for next week? There is no real plan for next week but I would love to post to this blog every day next week. I am taking some me time this weekend to do that. I also cant wait for Malcolm to come back. 
I hope you all have a fab weekend!


Oh.em.gee! We bought a house

The title of this blog post was inspired (slash stolen) from Mr Kate on Youtube.

It's no news that Malcolm and I bought a house. I thought I would share some pictures of the new place. Many of the areas are not quite set up but we are well on our way to making this house our home.

The front view of our place
We have started working with landscaping the front. This will be our main garden with pretty flowers and shrubs. Needless to say I am waiting anxiously for Spring to come.

Pretty winter pansies
Pansies are the best flowers to plant in Winter because they aren't too phased about the winter chills. Just plant them in a spot that has full sun for most of the day and Voila!

A hand print and marking from 1968.
Finding this gem was so nostalgic for me. My Dad and his siblings did the same thing on my Grandmothers farms when they were small. As the years went on we would measure how our hands have grown compared to theirs. I will definitely be doing this with my kids one day.

Malcolm working hard in the garden.
We had a very old, dead, peach tree in the back garden which Malcolm took out. We then gathered the wood for our fireplace. He is definitely pulling off the "worker" look :)

One of the main focal points on the dining area
This side dresser was Malcolm's grandparents'. The moved to New Zealand a couple of years ago so we shotgun-ed it. This will house all our place mats and other eating equipment because it is placed next to our dining table.

"Mr Meow"
We will always have animals in our home. Malcolm and I are huge Cat lovers. This is "Mr Meow", who I did a post on last month. Read it here.

This is our neighbors cat which we call "Friend". She loves coming into our garden because there are no dogs and she gets some piece and quiet.

That's all the photo's for now. I will share more as the home improvements get completed :)


Montagne Jeunesse face mask | Skincare review

A few weeks ago I shared a post on Click's chocolate face mask and explained my new Saturday pamper tradition. Since moving houses, this has become a Saturday OR Sunday routine, depending on when I have time. This week I will be sharing a face mask from the Montagne Jeunesse range of skin care products.

I used this brand frequently in High School. Back then it was around R18 for a mask compared to R25 now. I always used the Dead Sea Mud Pac which was a really pretty turquoise colour. It worked really well with my young pubescent skin and definitely helped with some skin breakouts, although, not clearing them completely (read more about my acne journey here).

Here we are, a few years later and I decided to give the brand another go. I tried their Anti-Stress Skin Polisher.

This stuff smells AMAZING! I did a guest review on The Body Shop's Brazil Nut body wash over at Lipgloss Kisses a while back and this face mask smells exactly like it! It is a pleasant scent that you wouldn't mind applying to your face. 

The formula contains small beads which is meant for exfoliating. When applying this mask I did feel a burning sensation around my nose and cheeks. This may have been due to the fact that I had flu and I had been blowing my nose a lot. Either way, if you have really sensitive skin this might not be for you.

My face mask selfie in kitty PJ's
I feel that the actual mask properties weren't that great. My skin did feel softer but that was most probably due to the micro beads which exfoliated my face and got rid of dead skin. It was also advertised on the packaging that it was moisturising but I had to put a really strong moisturiser on after taking the mask off because my face felt tight.

Overall I would say that if you are an adventurous soul then definitely try this face mask out but if you don't have time to mess about and you need something that will work efficiently, then rather give this one a miss. 

On a side note, my darling Fiance decided to humor me and try this face mask thing too (how sweet is he!?). He tried the Dead Sea Mud Mask for men and this is his summarised feedback:

When applying it, it burnt his face but the sensation eventually went away. The application worked even with his beard (which I guess is a valid concern for men). He didn't really see any major difference when washing the mask off but he never got imperfections on his face for a while after so it must have done something good for his 'manly' pores. He doesn't see himself doing it again anytime soon and would rather use a gentle face scrub which would clean his pores well.

Due to the fact that I have used this face mask brand in the past, I would probably purchase the other types too but may give it a month or two and try other brand in the meantime.

Have you tried the Montagne Jeunesse brand before? I would love to know which ones you tried. Comment below :)


Mr Meow

Today I wanted share a "feel good Friday" type of post. As you may know, Malcolm and I moved into our new house two weeks ago. This has been a very exciting time for us and the first thing we wanted to do was bring my cat, which is staying with my mom, to the new house and look into adopting a new kitty from the SPCA. We are HUGE animal lovers!

On Wednesday night this friendly face was meowing at our back door and has not left ever since.

We have named him "Mr Meow" or "Meow Meow" for short because he seems to respond to that the best. We don't think he is a stray because he is neutered and he was not covered in fleas, which is common in strays. We have given him food because he was starving and we have started him on a de-worming treatment just in case.

Like I said, I don't think he is a stray. His owners might be away or he might have gotten lost. I have alerted the local SPCA so that if his owners are looking for him, that is the most logical place to go look.

I really, really, really don't mind if he is not claimed. He is the most lovable boy and he makes a fantastic companion. Below is a picture of him being pathetic and wanting attention while I was working. So sweet!

We will give it a week and if no one claims him we will take him to the vet to see if he has a microchip. While he is there I would like the doctor to take a look at him. He seems to have an eye problem where one pupil is bigger than the other. We can also give him his shots and get an approximate age from the vet.

Please send love and good wishes for this Mr Meow and his health. Malcolm and I are going to try and give him a bath on Saturday because he is filthy and loves to sleep on the bed. If he is not scratching us to shreds, I will try take some photo's. I am glad he found us because it was perfect timing.


5 Things: I have recently learnt about myself

From Pinterest
1. My Candy Crush game plan defaults onto "YOLO". I mean...what else are you supposed to do? I am currently on level 104.

2. I could be a dog person as well as having a crazy cat obsession. The thought of getting a dog is quite exciting. Adopting a precious pooch from SPCA is on the cards for Malcolm and I.

3. People can actually keep things from me. The fact that Malcolm and I live pretty much on top of each other in our bachelor flat and I had no idea he was going to propose, makes me aware that I don't always know everything like I think I do.

4. It makes me happy when I remind people to be grateful (not in a meanspirited way). It is simple to complain about many things. I have been trying to encourage close friends and family, and myself, to see the good. So you have a kitchen full of dirty dishes that you have to wash? That means your belly is full and is definitely something to be grateful for :)

5. Being a housewife is becoming a lot less appealing. I work from home which is fantastic because I have something to keep me busy and distract me from the same four walls all day. I think being a full time housewife would be convenient but I might go insane due to the lack of environmental stimulation.

What have you recently learnt about yourself?

Have a great week!


The Engagment

Two weeks ago I shared the news that Malcolm and I were officially engaged, the get-on-one-knee-presents-her-with-a-ring kind of engaged! My sweet fiance had a really hard time planning a huge romantic proposal like you normally see in the movies but the way he ended up asking was so special to me and I was so surprised, I nearly thought the whole thing was a prank (an evil one).

My purdy ring :)
I'll give you a quick version of the proposal without missing major details :)

Last weekend I was supposed to be away visiting my mom in Centurion and attending my best friend's baby shower. Turns out the baby came early (he came on Friday and the baby shower was supposed to be on Sunday). I wanted Malcolm to come with me because it is a long drive and I wanted him to see the baby. Who knows, maybe it would spark some broodiness in him seeing me with the baby and all that jazz? Apparently he was counting on me leaving, on my own, so that he could set up a romantic proposal in our new house which we just got the keys to. Due to my whining and nagging, he came with and the poor guy couldn't get a break...but how was I supposed to know his secret plans!?

The evening of the 7th of June we went to the new house. It has a fireplace in it which is marvelous but we weren't sure if it was blocked or maybe completely shut somewhere down the chimney. We decided to buy some firewood and test it before we moved our stuff in because the chance of us getting smoked out seemed pretty high. We opened some wine on a picnic blanket in front of the fire and chatted about the house and how amazing it was to finally be inside (we had been stalking it from the outside for weeks). He hid his nerves very well because I didn't have a clue what was coming next.

He said he had something important to ask me and got on one knee. I thought he was joking and I was expecting him to say "Please can you tie my shoelace" or something along those lines. He then gave me an empty ring box with a piece of paper sticking out (So cruel!!!). Then there was a story of him not having the money to pay the ring off fully but he couldn't wait to ask me so he is giving me the box with proof that he has paid some of it but not all. (Huh!?) Then he asked me the big "Q" and I obviously said yes! In the midst of hugging and kissing he popped a ring on my finger and I squealed in excitement. Literally.

The ring was custom made with my ideas which were based off or a ring I saw in store. Seeing it on my finger just fills my heart with love. My amazing Fiance went to a lot of trouble to get the ring and worked in terrible situations just to be able to afford it. I appreciate him so much!


Getting started

I hope you all had a good long weekend. If you went away I hope the weather was nice and if you stayed at home I hope your bed was warm and the hot chocolate kept flowing. Malcolm and I moved to our new house. This entailed a lot of heavy lifting (on his part) and lots of unpacking and organizing. We are most probably 60% done which isn't too bad.

The purpose if this post is to let you know that we haven't got our internet set up at the new place just yet. The Telkom peeps are coming today to install our line and it should be smooth sailing from there but in the meantime I haven't got any blog posts for you :( 

Why don't you scroll back through my blog archive (to the left of this page) and catch up on posts you may have missed. Regular posts will be up soon.


Moving day!

Everett Collection/
This weekend we will be moving into our new house! I cannot wait to unpack and decorate. Malcolm's family will be coming through and helping out so I might not be breaking as many nails as I thought. I will be posting pictures to Instagram and Twitter if I get the chance so please go ahead an follow me :)


House Of Holland Nails

Hi lovelies. I spotted these cute stick on nails at Dis-Chem over the weekend. I am not a fan of the stick on types because they ruin your nails if not removed properly but I think they are perfect for an event or party where you would  like to turn heads. If I remember correctly, they were going for about R130 per pack.

Which is your fave?


A simple winter mani to inspire you this season

There is always a giant transition from Summer to Winter in regards to beauty trends and it is often difficult to keep up to date with these trends. I know that replacing your whole wardrobe every season can bankrupt you, but how else can you stay fashionable and part of the "in kids". A simple mani can keep your look fresh and up to date, and it is totes affordable.

Nails Inc shared their top tips for trendy manicures with me recently and I found the nude look stood out to me the most. I gave it a try and I was not disappointed!

"Nude and natural: Good news for those who like to keep things natural as glossy, nude nails will be a hit this winter. The best way to wear this look is to keep your nails short and square, as seen at Dolce & Gabanna in Milan and J. Mendel and Derek Lam in New York." - Nails Inc

From left to right: MAVALA 311 Ivory Beige, Nails Inc 112 Caviar Topcoat, Essence 163 Hey, Nude! (sand effect polish) and Nails Inc 022 Caviar Basecoat.

Method: One layer of base coat, two coats of ivory beige on all fingers, two coats of hey nude on ring fingers, finish off with top coat on all nails except ones with sand effect polish. Allow for adequate drying time between coats.
The other two statement manicures this winter will be:

"Make it Metallic: No, we’re not thinking gold. This season’s take on metallic nails brings bronze, chrome, silver and swirls that mimic the moon’s surface. These colours are also great for creating textured looks, patterns and finishes." - Nails Inc

"Bold as a Berry: Berry is a key colour for the season, with lips and tips looking luscious in berry shades and wine stains. It’s a colour combination that has been a hit at Burberry with dark berry nails, and a dark plum colour being seen at Zac Posen." - Nails Inc

Which manicure will you be pulling off this winter?


I'm Getting Married!

It's official, Malcolm and I are engaged!! He surprised me on Saturday night with a beautifully romantic proposal and I was completely shocked. I will share the details with you in a blog post soon, which will be the first of my new wedding series.

I am so lucky to have this man in my life and I will soon get to call him my Husband *Enter girly sequels here*